Pro'sKit MT-7071K Network Toner & Probe Kit is used for all installation and maintenance fields of telecommunication, networking, datacom, Audio/Video, cable TV, and all weather cabling, etc.


Cable Length Measurement up to 1200 m

Measuring cable length to opens up to 1200 m. Calibration accuracy: ±3%

Length measurement in feet, yards or meters

Calibration Parameters

  • Can determine actual calibration parameters with known length of cable for cable length test
  • Allows setting 1-7 calibration parameters

Wire Tracing up to 3 km

  • The tone and probe kit allows easy tracking wire directly in connection with live telecommunication equipment and router

Cable Mapping & Status Indication

  • Display the result of pin to pin cable mapping
  • Display cable status and troubleshoot wiring for continuity, shorts, opens and crossover.
  • Max support of up to 8 remote units

Non Contact Voltage Detection

  • Tests voltage from 90 ~ 1000V, special design to make sure the power is off before testing for circuit protection

Network Toner & Probe Kit Pro'sKit MT-7071K

  • Brand: proskit
  • Product Code: MT-7071K
  • Availability: 1
  • 4,200LE

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